Picture Maths Puzzle Vol 1 is a fun educational game, full of colourful graphics with great puzzles for adults and kids!

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32 Interesting, Unique and Challenging Puzzles

Play the game on your own, with kids or friends! Who can guess the answer first?

Picture Maths Puzzle is a fun and educational game, full of colourful graphics, where you perform arithmetic and basic algebra tasks by looking at pictures and calculating the answer.

Puzzles start from easy ones and level of difficulty progresses with time. It's great game for adults and for kids (above 8 years), ideal to play with parents.

  • Picture Maths Puzzle teaches to think abstractedly
  • Helps to understand basics of numeracy and algebra
  • Teaches logic and train the brain
  • Not just boring numbers. Fun and refreshing graphics
  • Unique game. Not like the others
  • Simple rules
  • Refresh and learn addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, arithmetic sequences and sums
  • 32 levels (if you like the game, let us know and we'll create more)
  • Choose when to watch ADs to gain extra help "diamond" points
  • Your progress and points is saved automatically